Oil Change

When you get your oil change done at NV Auto, you don't just get an oil change. We use the finest fluids, Motul oil for your vehicle. Our technicians check all your fluid levels, tire pressure and do an entire multi-point inspection to insure your car is in top performing shape.


Head Gaskets

Our Head Gasket services include updated head gaskets that are guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle, as well as timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, thermostat and reconditioning cylinder heads. We go above and beyond when it comes to big services that make your car last. All parts are OEM or equivalent and Made in Japan. We have a quick turn around time at less than a week.



Timing Belts

Did you know your Timing Belt services is due every 160,000km? It is job that is not to be overlooked or left too long or could compromise your vehicle as a whole. When you get your Timing Belt done at NV Auto, we also replace the tensioner, thermostat and water pump. All of the parts used on your Subaru will be OEM or better and Made in Japan. Timing Belt services is a one day turn around time.




Subaru Maintenance A B C D

At NV Auto, we offer the Subaru Maintenance packages A, B, C and D. To ensure your Subaru runs smoothly for years to come, be sure to check the Subaru Maintenance Schedule for the recommended Time and Kilometres for the service needed.

You can check the schedule here to see what your Subaru needs!




Our alignment and packages we offer start at $125 (standard 4 wheel alignment) and up. Here at NV Auto we are LOWERED FRIENDLY. We offer corner balancing as well as suspension set up. We can do track alignment and work with custom specs. We pay special attention your vehicle when you do your services at NV Auto. You won’t be disappointed.