Voodoo13 Adjustable Front Outer Tie Rod Ends for Nissan 240sx S13, S14/Silvia S15/Skyline R32

Voodoo13 Adjustable Front Outer Tie Rod Ends for Nissan 240sx S13, S14/Silvia S15/Skyline R32

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$297.99 (CAD)
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Voodoo13 is proud to offer our new S-chassis outer tie rods that allow for adjustable bump steer correction. With an excessively lowered car, the changes in the suspension can cause unwanted handling characteristics such as bump steer. Roll center will also be effected negatively when lowering a car which can cause the car to roll more when cornering. Bump steer is when the driver’s input is absent when steering the front wheels, and it steers itself during road imperfections due to improper suspension geometry. With our adjustable tie rods, you can fine tune the suspension geometry using the included spacers to dial out bump steer as well as relocate the roll center closer to OEM position which also reduces the stress on the ball joints in the steering system. To ensure binding isn’t a problem, our outer tie rod ends incorporate QA1’s high misalignment rod ends with 64° of misalignment angle. Features: 35mm longer than OEM at shortest adjustment, 54mm longer than OEM at max adjustment Up to 25mm of bump steer adjustment in 5mm increments. CNC machined tie rod shanks from heat treated 17-4 H900 stainless steel for superior 190ksi tensile strength and corrosion resistance. 2024 aluminum hex is extremely lightweight and 50% stronger than 6061-T6 aluminum. Spacers machined from aerospace grade aluminum. USA made QA1 PCYM chromoly steel heims are heat treated for strength and durability. Allows for roll center and bump steer correction. Notes: S13/S14/S15 with stock knuckles: Use Z32 or Z33/V35 inner tie rods. S13/S14/S15 with modified knuckles such as drop knuckles or increased steering angle for drifting: Recommend to use S14 inner tie rods. Fits: S13/S14/S15

We are a MIL-SPEC parts manufacturer, Made in the USA, suspension for street, drift and road racing. 

The evolution of motorsports has created more horsepower, faster speeds and technology that will not stop. Progression is inevitable. Military Spec AKA “MIL-SPEC” is a standard used by the Department of Defense. Machinery, weapons and tactical equipment are now expected and demanded to deliver at this level. 

VOODOO 13 will focus on suspension components of the highest quality, developed on the race tracks and drift courses across the globe using the feedback of top tier drivers and technical directors. VOODOO 13 products will be developed and manufactured with components of the highest quality in Mesa, Arizona. Our product will feature something more than what exists on race vehicles today.

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