Competition Clutch Stage 2 - Street Series 2100 Clutch Kit - Geo Prizm/Lotus, Pontiac (2ZZGE, 1ZZFE)

Competition Clutch Stage 2 - Street Series 2100 Clutch Kit - Geo Prizm/Lotus, Pontiac (2ZZGE, 1ZZFE)

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$499.99 (CAD)
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1990-1997 Geo Prizm 1.6L (from 5/91)
1993-2002 Geo Prizm 1.8L
2002-2008 Lotus Elise 2ZZGE
2004-2008 Lotus Exige 1ZZFE
2003-2006 Pontiac Vibe 2ZZGE
2003-2008 Pontiac Vibe 1ZZFE
1991-1994 Toyota Celica 4AFE
1995-2001 Toyota Celica 7AFE
2000-2005 Toyota Celica 2ZZGE 6 speed
2000-2005 Toyota Celica 1ZZFE 5 speed
2004-2008 Toyota Corolla 1.8L
1993-2003 Toyota Corolla 1600 1.6L
1992 Toyota Corolla 1600 4AFE, 4AGE
1993-1997 Toyota Corolla 1800 1.8L
1998-2004 Toyota Corolla 1800 1ZZFE
2003-2006 Toyota Matrix 2ZZGE 6 speed
2003-2008 Toyota Matrix 1ZZFE 5 speed
2000-2005 Toyota MR-2 1ZZFE
2000-2005 Toyota MR-2 Spyder 1ZZFE


Stage 2 - Street Series 2100 Clutch kit
This assembly provides up to 80% increase in torque capacity and is properly suited for aggressive street use and moderate track use.  The Brass Plus material with its alloy backing matched to a performance pressure plate will provide smooth engagement and extended life. 500 mile break-in highly recommended with this set-up.  300 mile break-in REQUIRED with this set-up. (Some kits may not be supplied with all pieces pictured. Please verify with Competition Clutch before ordering).
The 2100 Series kit includes a performance pressure plate, a high torque sprung disc with anti-burst steel backed Brass Plus facings, all applicable bearings and the appropiate alignment tool. 

Stage 2
Technical Specifications
 Warranty Policy: 90 Days
Alignment Tool Included:  Yes, if applicable
Disc Material: Brass Plus
Disc Style:  Sprung Hub
Flywheel Included:  No
Pilot Bearing Included: Yes, if applicable
Throwout Bearing Included:   Yes, if applicable
Torque Capacity:
 Up to 80% increase at the wheels, depending on application

Competition Clutch (CCI) is the fastest growing performance clutch company in North America. CCI contributes this growth to its commitment in the innovation and quality of the products that we manufacture and supply, complimented by a sincere desire to provide unparalleled customer service and delivery.

Competition Clutch specializes in manufacturing sport compact assemblies from street driven to full race applications. You will find our products being proudly used in some of the fastest sport compact race cars in the country, including a number of the most recognized industry icon vehicles.

Competition Clutch brings to their customers the finest materials, workmanship, and the best customer service in the industry. We offer higher clamping force, stronger disc designs, and uncompromised satisfaction, all at the most competitive pricing in the industry.

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