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Meet The Team




NV Auto’s Director of Operations, Dov grew up alongside his grandfather who owned their own automotive repair shop. Spending many days watching him work he learned the art and craft behind the trade. His passion grew from working on cars to driving them and looking for ways to make them faster. Working for drag race teams to rally teams he eventually turned from behind he tool box to behind the wheel racing in drag, rally, and time attack himself. He also became heavily involved in local clubs promoting the benefits and fun of learning to race on track through SPDA and Ontario Time Attack. Taking his lifetime of experience and knowledge he went on to manage a drift team competing in Formula Drift and spotting for their drift driver Riley. He spends his free time on the track and sharing the love for motorsports with his family.

Nam Ngo

Nam is NV Auto’s mechanic extraordinaire, with over 21 years of experience under his belt. He’s been specializing in Subarus for 19 years and co-managing NV Auto alongside Dov for over 11 years. Besides dealership work he’s also serviced multiple cars in the Canadian Rally Championship, Ontario Time Attack, and Formula Drift. He’s taken all of his time spent over the years to cumulate a vast knowledge base, Nam is ready to work on any project for any need. When not in the shop or at the race track he enjoys baseball and spending time with his family. NV Auto keeps him going, constantly striving to perfect his craft, to become “the best he can be” and to work on as many interesting projects as possible. His highlights include travelling to race events, the opportunity to service one of a kind cars, specialty cars, and working alongside a great group of people.


Ryan Hart

NV Auto’s Mechanic Ryan got into cars through his father, waking up early to watch F1 since he age of 5. Since then he was hooked but didn’t want to combine his passion for cars as a job. Working in other fields he soon realized that the only fit for him was in automotive so why not get paid for doing something you love. Working at NV Auto there’s never a dull moment due to Miguel an Riley keeping him busy but he wouldn’t want it any other way.

Highlights are going racing on weekends to set up cars for on track, working on his own car, and going out for cruises with friends.


NV Auto’s in house fabricator and welder, Vinh started working on cars with his older brother Nam since the age of 13. He enjoyed learning how everything works and figuring out what could be done to make them better. A passion for improving and creating parts with an eye for detail he’s always looking to improve and elevate his craft. He enjoys working at NV Auto because every build brings a new challenge, from installing basic ready made kits to customer requests for something custom where ‘I’ll figure it out’ is the only answer. The prospect of bigger, tougher, and new projects means everyday becomes exciting at NV Auto. In his spare time he enjoys his other passions such as cooking, spending time with family, and friends.


Riley Sexsmith

Canadian born Riley grew up in Western New York with a passion for motorsports that started at a young age riding ATV's and dirt bikes. As a teenager he competed in motocross before switching to four wheels with his Nissan Hardbody. He started driving with a local club in Western New York before moving back to Canada. Here he would get involved in the local series such at TOPP Drift and CSCS (Canadian Sport Compact Series), quickly becoming a rising drift star in the motorsports community. Throughout this time he finished second overall in the 2013 CSCS Drift Championship with that same 93hp Nissan Hardbody. In 2014, he was approached by Dov and Nam, who recognized his talent in drifting, to pilot the NV Auto STI Drift Car with a tight goal to compete in Formula Drift Canada. He went on to compete in Detroit's MDU Formula Drift PRO AM series and later on in Formula Drift PRO 2 (now called PROSPEC). NV Auto built their infamous 2JZ BRZ which allowed Riley to be highly competitive in PRO 2, finishing 3rd at the Texas Motor Speedway Formula Drift event in 2017. He also piloted both the BRZ drift car and STI drift car in the motorsports largest festival known as GRIDLIFE for numerous years running. Riley did all this while working the front desk at NV Auto when not racing, providing our customers with insight, advice, and customer service daily. When not working or racing he loves to hang outdoors enjoying all the seasons and wrenching on his own vehicles.


Miguel grew up around cars through his father and brother, a passion they shared. This ignited his own passion and continues to this day where he works on his own car and watches car videos. He also enjoys taking film photos and listening to music hopefully discovering new sounds and artists along the way. His time at NV Auto has been a great learning experience and sharing the front end with Riley and working with the other’s in the shop has been fun.

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